Corfu, Greece



oh, hello my love.


Corfu to be exact.

Reflecting back on Corfu, my only thoughts are of utter bliss.

Just ahh…… brain melt type bliss.


Taking THIS trip to THIS place was one of the best things we’ve ever done.

1.Get Married

2. Have Kids

3. Go to Corfu


We knew we wanted a quick get-away once grandma arrived in June. So we stirred around about it for a few days and shopped deals. But, per the usual – we became overwhelmed with options. One night we really focused and searched all kinds of things. From Iceland to Venice to Budapest.

We both became frustrated and decided to go to bed.

It was midnight, Rich was brushing his teeth, I just clicked on one more random “deals in Greece” link on TripAdvisor. Corfu came up.

Flights, hotel, food. A price we thought was great.

He says, over brushing his teeth, ‘just book it…’

I would like to say ‘we have always dreamed of going to Greece’ or ‘we researched thoroughly where we wanted to go’ and all that. But truth is at the end of a long a somewhat depressing evening, we picked Corfu on an exhausted whim.

Booked at 12:30am.

We took a VERY early flight out of London. I think we left the house at 3:30am, and had the most charismatic cab driver take us to the airport. We never take a cab. Cabs are to be avoided at almost all costs. But the train to the airport doesn’t run all night. Enter cab… begrudgingly.

This put us at the airport at 4am-ish. The airport at 4am was strange and unexpectedly lively. Families with children, large groups, all kinds. Some people were drinking beer and some were eating breakfast. It was really weird and, like kinda fun or something. I don’t know – I was just really happy at the airport.

Fly out at 6. Three hour flight, time change, cab to hotel – arrive at hotel around 11ish.

This is my ‘no make up, been up since 3am – but relieved to be in Greece face’




The Resort.

Ok, so, let’s clarify – we went to Corfu. But also we went to a RESORT in Corfu. A resort that markets and caters heavily to Brits and western-type travelers. Like…. if you just stayed at the resort and didn’t venture off anywhere – I’m not sure how ‘Greek’ your experience would be. You’re here and you’re going to experience Greece, but also don’t worry because you’ll have all the things you’re used to, also…. if you want them.

Like air conditioning or fried chicken.

They served very good food with authentic Greek options, but also lots of “Brit” and “American” options. And then, of course, there was the beautiful authentically Greek seaside scenery that I suppose you would experience with the resort. But that would be the extent of it.

Which – btw – THERE IS ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with.

It was hard for Rich and I to want to leave the resort. We almost didn’t. Like, I could totally just live there full time. I could promote it – do commercials for it. I can’t say enough positive things about. I’m just making the disclaimer that I think we ‘cheated’ a little in not doing something more ‘authentic.’

But do I care?

Not one damn bit.

Do not fear, we peeled ourselves off our beach chairs and left the resort.

We did. We cultured.

So. there.

My favorite thing about this resort was the quiet.

Lack of sound.

Basically just the ocean sounds. And the general sense of having the place to yourself. Which was odd. There were a lot of people at the resort. I know this because I would see them at meal times. But then after the meal times, I don’t know… everyone dispersed. There were several pools – one of which was strictly kid geared. The kid pool had it’s own thing going on. The more adult pools had a party-type thing going on. But our favorite spot was down on the “beach” where it was blissfully quiet and there was a great little cafe.

The coast where we were staying was rocky, but they manufactured a little sandy beach, with a cool deck-type situation where you could wade (or jump) into the water.



See how there are not very many people in most of those pictures? It was like that often in the resort. Just not very crowded. Quiet, calm.





The Weather.

When we were there in early June = #absoluteperfection


The Town.

On the second day, we ventured to Corfu town by way of a bus that picked us up by the resort. It dropped us off in town and picked us up in town. We were able to peruse the town and take a sunset cruise complete with dinner and real Greeks doing traditional dancing.

When we finished eating on the boat – music just came on and the crew of the boat just appeared on the deck and started dancing! Like, clapping the hands up high, twisting, kneeling, walking in a square moves. It was interesting, and obviously something they’d done their entire lives. Sadly I don’t have a picture of that. I guess I was too swept away…. and I was also a little seasick and cold from the sea breeze in my sleeveless top. No matter how warm it is during the day – bring a coat on the ocean, people!



The Food.

Mostly yogurt and honey. And then, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta, seafood and wine.

We had great food everywhere we went.

Most of our meals were at the resort, but we also ate in Corfu town, on our boat cruise, and at a cafe down the road from the resort, perched above the water called Barbayiannis Cheers Bar.


Yogurt deserves a Gold Star. We’ve all heard of Greek Yogurt. Maybe some of us have heard of Greek honey.

(and as I have in other posts – I would like to point out what a damn fool I looked like taking a picture of the yogurt bowl)

THIS yogurt is…. served in a huge bowl, accompanied by a huge bowl of honey.

You scoop a couple scoops of yogurt and then you drizzle drizzle.

And it’s the sort of experience that makes you re-evaluate. Your brain doesn’t properly process what is happening. There is confusion and shock.

On our first dinner at the buffet, Rich who doesn’t even eat, or really like yogurt says “I can’t believe I’m about to say this… but… I’m going back to get more yogurt.”

We became absolutely crazy for the yogurt and ate it with every meal.

Creamy, light and rich at the same time. Sweet, but not too sweet.

Flavorful, fresh. Cut it with that amazing honey……

I know this is hard to understand. Because yogurt is just yogurt and you move on with life. But all I’m saying is…. GREEK YOGURT IN GREECE IS SO GOOD that you’ll be mad about it.


The other.

Besides eating, and visiting the town, we layed around on the beach. That’s always my absolute favorite.

Me, in my beach chair, when we started to get hungry one day “I’m getting pretty hungry. I really want to go get some food. Walk over to that restaurant and eat something seafood-y. Sounds amazing…. but I’m just not sure it’s worth getting up out of this chair. It’s tough babe. Do you think they would bring food over here to us? How can we tell them??”


We also unexpectedly found ourselves swimming in the ocean. I say “unexpectedly” because I’m not really a swimmer. I LOVE to go to a lake, or go to a beach, or be on a boat. However – I do not like to swim.

I mean, I’m not afraid… and I CAN swim – if it is required of me. When I was a kid and went to 4H camp, and I had to tred water for 5 minutes before they let us take out a canoe – I crushed that. But I never EVER swim for enjoyment. I’ve just never really enjoyed it that much. When lazying about near a body of water, I usually just dip my toes in to cool off, or wade in half way or something.

BUT – Finn went on a kick in late spring where he was obsessed with going to swim school. It was too late to sign him up for lessons, so we started taking him to the pool at the gym and just trying to teach him ourselves. So there I am, studying instructional swim videos on YouTube. And now I’m a swim teacher.

ANYWAY – I had been in a swimming sort of place. I was a little hot on the beach, and I decided to just get in the water for a little bit. I waded in and I found myself wanting to swim. A lot. Like, way more than Rich was up for. Like, I swam way way out by myself. And just swam and swam and swam. Under water, over water. And it was so awesome. It was cool and refreshing, and I had to exert so much energy and then I could eat all I wanted. And the best part was that I surprised myself. I’ve never swam in the sea like that. I’ve never WANTED to. But, I guess I just do that now.

I just had the best time swimming in the ocean like a boss.

Maybe it was all the yogurt. I don’t know…

Here is a picture of how swimming made me feel. And also, how the ocean water in combination with the sun made my hair have legit ‘beach wave’ for the first time ever. And also – the rare occasion in which I let myself be photographed in a bathing suit.



feelings about bathing suits –

I have come to a point where I feel I need to wear a one-piece bathing suit instead of a two-piece. (In that ^ picture, my arm is crooked under my chest, showing what looks like belly skin. But I am – in fact – wearing a one piece.) And I think it’s probably easy for most women to understand the reasons why I feel that way.

However I found myself to be over-dressed in my one-piece in Corfu. Once I noticed it, I started looking. And I only found TWO OTHER women wearing a one piece bathing suit the entire time we were there – and one was a tankini.

At all the pools, at the beach, around the resort. I was (essentially) the only one.

Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages wore two pieces – or sometimes only the bottom piece. And it didn’t matter what they looked like.

It just didn’t matter.

And we weren’t at a nude resort.


Obviously it comes down to a cultural difference. From my standard American perspective the thinking is “If you don’t look a certain way, you better go ahead and cover up.”  This makes a healthy mother of four like me feel ashamed to wear a bikini. Meanwhile, the Italian 80-year old next to me confidently and freely walks the beach in hers. She has no fear of judgment or ridicule or whispers. And neither does the Greek 40 year old, the German 25 year old, or even the Brit 30 year old.

During my laze-ing around I pondered these thoughts. Overall I’m just annoyed. I want to be that comfortable with myself.

I think most of the European/Greek women think “I’m at the beach and the appropriate attire is a bikini.”

I still think about it now – months later.

Modestly is different. That is a different cultural or religious choice. While I think you should respect yourself, I don’t consider myself to be modest. Living in London, I see actual modest women on a daily basis and they don’t show a lick of skin below their neck. I don’t subscribe to those notions and I should be able to wear a bikini if I so desire – because that would be appropriate beach attire and that is the only reason I need.

Or… at least that’s the thought.



Alright – that’s all on Corfu. I give it 5 stars. Or 80 billion…. however many it wants.

If ever my path crosses again with Corfu, I will be a lucky person. And perhaps a less-dressed one….




Where we stayed:

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