Its mom and me, again. On another girls day out.

This time – it’s the Cotswolds.

A picturesque country-side region of England (sort-of) west of London.

We took a big tour bus out from city center for this day. We did this in mid-July and the weather was absolute perfection.

There are quite a few Cotswolds tours that leave from London everyday, and many of them just do one or two villages and then go on to visit something else, like Stonehenge or the Downton Abbey house. But we decided that we might feel shorted on our Cotswolds time if we did a combo tour. So we went all-in with a four-village 3/4 day tour to the Cotswolds only.




We had a great tour guide for the day. She gave us lots of information on all types of things including the sheep and wool trade of old century England and the construction of Cotswold-stone walls. We like learning, so we liked this.

In general it was a little busier and more commercialized that we realized. Which was fine… just not what we expected. See here:



There were some great antique shops along the way that I found surprisingly charming. I bought a vintage necklace for Viv and the perfect teal vase.


The flowers were gorgeous everywhere.

We ate a very traditional lunch at a very traditional 18th century pub.

We posed by 14th century English cottages… that people still live in right now.



If you read my post about Brussels, you’ll notice I’m wearing the exact same outfit.

I dubbed this ^ my official day-trip outfit.

It has everything I need. Moving on.



We found our bus tour to be slightly odd on timing, and almost rushing us around. We think they could’ve cut one village to give us more time in the others. And our bus was sold out, and honestly a little tight on space. That being said – a bus tour is still nice because doing something like this on your own – driving – would have been much more stressful.

Regardless of that, we had a nice quiet day and at the last adorable village we enjoyed tea and scones by the river.  #win.


One thought on “Cotswolds

  1. Do you mind sharing which tour group you used? Also, did you stay in one of the cities and if so which one? My auntie live in Stow-on-the-Wold and has an AirBnB in Bourton-on-the-Water and I could totally tell that you were in Stow-on-the-Wold but couldn’t tell if you visited Bourton. I would definitely like to hear the insights of a tour guide so when I travel over from Illinois in the near future I might look into a tour group if I could do it without overnight included because I would want to stay at my Aunties. Any input would be appreciated. 🙂


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