Welcome Home

Welcome Home:


Similar to the sale of our house in Oswego, this house feels like it came straight to us by divine intervention. It wasn’t easy to find a home for our family of six in one of the most expensive cities in the world. And at times, we didn’t think it was possible. But FINALLY, with the help of Rich’s HR department, we found a great house and secured it in August while we were still in America.

Before flying over we were able to see detailed pictures and descriptions, but neither of us had ever been to the house or the neighborhood. We were both nervous. When our airport taxi pulled on to Stroud Road and I saw our street for the first time, my nerves subsided. I knew we were going to love it and I was right. It’s on a beautiful tree-lined street, in a great family neighborhood. It has everything we asked for on the inside, plus it’s close to the train, the bus, a small grocery store, and good schools.

It’s OLD. In the best way. The ceilings are high, the walls are (boy-proof) plaster. Everything is real and solid – like the floors, the doors, the trim, and the doorknobs. It’s already furnished with nice, new things. It’s super CLEAN. It’s charming, and it’s got plenty of space (by European standards)!

There are many things that come standard in an American home, like: a dishwasher, a window in every bedroom, a dryer, a yard, and a freezer. But if you’ve ever seen House Hunters International then you know that most of those items ARE NOT a given over here, even in a really expensive house. We looked at so many places online that didn’t have several of those. So, I couldn’t be more grateful to have THIS home in THIS location. We got lucky… Or we’re just supposed to be here.

Sooo…. Here we go. We are not very pretty yet, but we are functional. Would you like to take a peek at our London home?




A washer AND A DRYER. In their own room! Not in the kitchen!
Half closet/half bathroom


reception room
front to back
second floor landing
the gaming that followed us
the big boys
second floor bathroom
viv’s current room
master bedroom
theo’s current room (viv’s future room)
current playroom (possible theo’s room)
guest room
third floor bathroom



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